The Governor of Hadhramaut reviews the preparations of the Aoun Foundation to launch the Forum for Development “Solidarity” at the end of this November.

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Today in Mukalla, the Governor of Hadhramaut, Mr. Mabkhout Mubarak bin Madi, was informed about the ongoing preparations at the Al-Aoun Foundation for Development to launch the “Solidarity” Development Forum, which will be hosted by the city of Mukalla during the period from 26-28 November, under the generous patronage of the Governor of Hadhramaut and the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour.

The governor heard from the Executive Director of the Aoun Foundation for Development, Dr. Abdullah Abdul Qader bin Othman, and the project manager, Adly Basif, about the preparations for the forum, which is one of the activities of the Empowering Non-Governmental Organizations . Reducing Poverty in Yemen (Solidarity) project, which is implemented by the Aoun Foundation for Development in partnership with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), noting that the forum is an important dialogue platform that brings together a diverse group of competent leaders, international. experts, and participants from the government, civil, academic, private sectors and international community sectors. To exchange ideas and experiences, highlight humanitarian issues and improve opportunities to reduce and address poverty in Yemen by creating more sustainable opportunities.

The Solidarity Forum for Development 2023, held in Mukalla, aims to examine visions to provide sustainable solutions to reduce poverty in Yemen. Therefore, many key issues will be discussed during it, including the interventions of civil organizations to reduce poverty in Yemen, providing opportunities to improve this and build a network of partners of Civil Society organizations in various fields of development, and studying the main current challenges that prevent “poverty reduction”, in addition to promoting improved efficiency of development programs.

More than 27 speakers representing 27 international organizations participate in the forum.

The Governor of Hadhramaut praised the efforts of the Aoun Foundation for Development in preparation for this international forum, emphasizing its importance in providing sustainable solutions that contribute to improving the conditions of citizens with the participation of international donor organizations. He praised the effective contribution of the Aoun Foundation and its interventions in dealing with the effects of Hurricane Tej, in addition to the efforts of the local authority and the King Salman Center and civil organizations.

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