The Legal Department of the Abyan Transitional Council visits the Court of Appeal of the Governorate and reviews the progress of legal work.

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Today, Tuesday, the Director of the Legal Department of the Executive Authority of the Local Leadership of the Transitional Council in Abyan Governorate, Ibtihal Nasser Taher, made a field visit to the Court of Appeal in the governorate.

During the visit, in which she was accompanied by the Director of the Department of Human Rights, Mr. Alaa Saleh, she met with the President of the Court of Appeal, His Eminence Judge Hassan Abdullah Suleiman.

During the meeting, which was attended by Judge Faisal Muhammad Abdullah and Judge Walid Qasim Saeed, Ibtihal Nasser and Alaa Saleh listened to the progress of activity in the court, and learned about the most important difficulties and obstacles that the judicial work suffers in the county. of.

The Abyan transitional delegation praised the work progress of the court due to the exceptional circumstances across the country, underlining the importance of practical coordination, seeking solutions to all the difficulties that the judicial system suffers, and creating the atmosphere within the county to help the judiciary in its work and facilitate its performance.

The meeting addressed a number of issues related to the judicial process that it deals with and social aspects that require everyone’s cooperation to push forward the correction of the situation in the county, in addition to assisting the judiciary in crystallizing all issues to alleviate the suffering of citizens and facilitate follow-up and implementation procedures.

The President of the Court of Appeal of Abyan, His Eminence Judge Hassan Suleiman, thanked the legal team of the Transitional Council for supporting the visit and paying attention to this aspect.

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