The love of civilization, history and ancient sports is on a date with a great football wedding He wrote: “Salam Al-Hafsha'”.

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On the first of next December, the historic city of Habban in Shabwa governorate will have a date with the great football wedding starring the martyr Ahmed Ali Bahaj, the former governor of Shabwa, in its third edition at the Al-Barah Stadium with the participation of 12 clubs of Shabwa Governorate.

The city of Habban is a historical city throughout history, because many civilizations succeeded it. Habban, that historical city, continues to preserve its beauty and historical and cultural grandeur.

The city of Habban is one of the first areas to know football in the south, and it is a sports city of a unique style, because one of the oldest and oldest clubs in the south, which is the Vanguard Club, Habban, was founded there. , a club that had tournaments and tours in the southern stadiums, and the city of Habban produced the best and most amazing players at the level. The south, where many stars were exported to various clubs in the south. The stars from the city of Habban there are witnesses of various football stadiums in the south. The current generation may not know that the city of Habban is the source of football stars. The city of Habban has a great sports history that the media ignored if this legacy was Athlete and stardom in another city ​​or region, you would have seen the media writing about it day and night.

Talking about the city of Habban historically and sportingly will take a long time, and we will not be able to, because we will stand helpless in front of a great history that requires volumes of books. Rather, we wanted to remind everyone. that this tournament coincides with the celebration of this tournament on the land of Habban, of civilization, history and sports.

We also do not forget, in conclusion, to extend our thanks to Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, who was the first to sponsor this tournament and pay tribute to the heroic martyr, Ahmed Ali Bahaj, the former governor of Shabwa Governorate, who fought until the last moment of his life and had great positions in the service of Shabwa, which is still a witness to Until today, it will remain a witness of his great service to Shabwa Governorate.

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