The Mufti of Oman announces his support for the recent military operation in the Red Sea

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Amman ((Aden of Tomorrow)) Specialty:

The Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, Sheikh Ahmed, commented Al-Khalili“On the control of the Ansar Allah group.”HouthiOn an Israeli ship.

After the Houthis released a video of the control of the ship, Sheikh Al-Khalili said in a tweet on the “X” platform: “We thank from the bottom of our hearts and sincere condolences to the people.” Yemenis The true Arab Muslim brother for his positive step in confronting the Zionist ships. He spoke the truth and kept his promise, so God reward him.”

He added: “We call on all the brotherly Yemeni people to gather around this great religious principle to support the oppressed and persecuted among our brothers and support the truth, and God is the supporter of those who support him.”

The military media affiliated to the Yemeni Ansar Allah group, the Houthi, published scenes of Houthi forces taking control of an Israeli ship as it crossed the Red Sea.

That fatwa sparked reactions in support of it and in opposition, which saw it as political support directed at the Houthis.

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