The prime minister directs the Academic Accreditation Council to activate its tasks in improving the quality of higher education institutions.

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Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul Malik directed the Council for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education to activate its tasks in improving the quality of higher education institutions and help them implement effective quality assurance systems that help them achieve academic accreditation standards, and provide them. quality consultations in this regard with national, regional and international partnerships.

During his meeting, today, in the temporary capital, Aden, the prime minister pointed out the importance of the Council, after its restructuring, to support the education sector and raise quality standards to achieve the national vision and goals related to the quality of education. , harmonization with quality assurance bodies and cooperation with them, as well as cooperation. With regional and international institutions in the field of ensuring and increasing the quality of education, expressing its confidence in the abilities of the Council at the leadership and academic levels to improve performance and achieve the highest international standards for higher education.

Dr. Moeen Abdul Malik affirmed that the government supports the Council for Academic Accreditation and provides support and facilities that will make the efforts aimed at activating and activating the Council to fulfill its tasks and achieve its optimal goals in academic accreditation and ensure the quality. of higher education.

The meeting touched upon the work priorities of the council and the efforts of its leadership in reviewing and setting up the institutional and administrative structure it needs to achieve the desired levels of activity in accordance with the directions set to ensure quality and academic accreditation.

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