The transitional presidency emphasizes the necessity of the presence of the southern issue in all the stages of the political process.

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Today, Tuesday, the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held its regular meeting, led by the Acting President of the Council, President of the National Assembly, Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri.
In its meeting, in which the heads of the auxiliary bodies of the Presidency were present, the Commission dealt with the political developments and regional and international efforts aimed at ending the war and bringing peace to our country and the region, and the results of the meetings held by Major General Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, President of the Council, with the ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council, repeating the importance of What Al-Zubaidi raised during those meetings regarding the subject of the people of the South, and the necessity of its presence in all stages of the political process, within its own agreed framework, and its radical solution in a way that meets the aspirations of the people of the South.
In another context, the meeting discussed the report presented by the Institutional Development Authority on its activities for the period from July to mid-November 2023, which included a presentation of the most important activities carried out by the Authority during the said period, which was completed. at the level of its departments, areas of excellence and weakness, and the most prominent The difficulties faced by the Commission, and a set of recommendations to overcome them.
The meeting also listened to the comments presented by the heads of the auxiliary agencies regarding the evaluation report on the activity of the bodies, which was presented by the Institutional Development Authority in the previous meeting, and the explanations given by the Development Authority regarding these observations.
The meeting discussed a number of developments on the national stage, among which is the tireless effort of some parties to hold workshops and seminars related to the situation of displaced people, because the Commission affirmed its complete rejection of any unrealistic and logical solutions to displacement. issues, and attempts to target the demographic composition of the South, which in this context costs agencies, committees and departments. Concerned members of the Council follow the issue and present their reports on this aspect.
At the end of its meeting, the Commission discussed some political and economic issues locally and regionally, in addition to some issues related to the work of the central and local council bodies, and adopted the necessary measures regarding them.

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