This is Hadhramaut, this is the mosque Written by Abu Bakr bin Abdul Rahman Bawazir

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This is Hadramaut, this is the mosque

✒️ Abu Bakr bin Abdul Rahim Bawazir

This is Hadramaut, this is the mosque
A fact that is no longer a secret when mentioning Hadhramaut is linked to the Inclusive Conference of Hadhramaut. The Hadrami community at home and abroad, after the establishment of the Hadrami Mosque, its concepts changed and its ambition increased, that the dream of sovereignty and equality starts from here.
The mosque was established on solid ground, based on the efforts of the Hadrami community and the product of the Hadrami Revolution (Al-Hiba) of 2013 AD If we go back in history for almost a hundred years, the Hadramis of the Emigrants contained . the dream of establishing an entity that would unite their country and soul, take care of the interests of generations and go to development horizons, but what happened happened and the winds blew. The dream was destroyed and three generations died out, then came back; to the dream appeared on the horizon, which did not leave any Hadrami.
Through the efforts of the Hadramis and the success of their revolution, their vision was completed and the idea of ​​establishing an entity that would adopt their cause and unite them was matured. He looks after their interests, the dream came true, and he founded the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference and its successor, the Hadhramaut Pact.
The mosque… was created to last, and within a short period of time, it surpassed the foundation stage, its complications, and its difficulties.
It continued to empowerment, regional and international recognition, and recognition of the Yemeni state, according to clear objectives included in the outcome document, unambiguous and uninterpreted.
This is a document and the results of the mosque, and joining it is a way out that preserves the rights of Hadhramaut and strengthens its role in the participation contest, away from the logic of annexation and subjugation.
It is also considered a national project and model that achieves the interest of the people and future generations at the level of Yemen, south and north, and stability for Yemen, and the impact of this on the region and international partnership.
This is Hadramaut, this is the mosque
It is no longer a slogan, but a reality that has transcended an era. The Hadramis experienced all the pain. Yes, the pain of 55 years ago… the lands were looted and their people were left homeless. Wealth is plundered and its people starve. It exploits its resources and taxes and pours into the stomachs of corruption and corruption.
The mosque launched and imposed itself with the support of the entire Hadrami people
From the point of view of empowerment and recognition, its first step is to be close to everyone by establishing its branches in the entire Hadrami geography. From the people and to the people… and it has been recognized by the region and the international community. He forced himself to be a partner, according to his etiquette, and he continues to work and work for Hadhramaut.
📌Compromises are coming. It is certain that the mosque will attend, and it will begin, according to the principle of Hadhramaut, a woman whose decision is a locomotive, not a trailer.
His Eminence Judge Akram Al-Amiri summed it up by saying that the Hadramis yearn for peace and will not give up their political, economic, military and security rights.
📌 And leaks about a comprehensive government change to establish a new phase..
It is certain that the mosque is ready to impose itself and will not accept no less than 3 ministries, including one sovereign. Once this is certain, he will have the right to appoint a governor for Hadhramaut and impose the right man in the right place … and that he will be a partner, in the sense of partnership, represented in all ministries and diplomatic missions, such as ambassadors, consuls , and leaders representing the country abroad..
📌And with this and the above. It emerged from the days of something disturbing the peace and community cohesion in Hadhramaut, interrupting the subject of Hadhramaut and its gains, damaging its rivalry, and reclaiming it through the desires of lovers of subjugation and slavery and tyrants who were met by fate. lack of time, ignoring that Hadhramaut defeated them and that the people of Hadhramaut, led by their alliance and some kind of all-arms conference, made steps. Don’t let yourself go back to some kind of box.
📌 But the comprehensive conference, and according to the words of its president, the leader of Hadhramaut, lieutenant colonel Amr bin Habrish * and behind him, the Hadrami people represented in * the Hadhramaut alliance and all the leaders of the mosque, whose last meeting was with the heads of the executive offices and departments led by * Judge Akram Al-Amiri * the president of the conference in the valley and the desert, who summarized and said it with his mouth full The people of Hadhramau yearn for peace and will. not to give up their political, economic, military and security rights.
Also in the meeting, he discussed in depth what is happening in Hadhramaut, the demands of the stage, the firmness of the mosque, and overcoming what prevents the role. We will not allow anyone to stand and hinder the efforts, and he issued his clear statement, which is an arrow in front of those who want to mix the cards and disturb the social peace, and a clear message to the steadfast people of Hadhramaut. and to their partners in the coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that we must intensify work, avoid mistakes and eliminate risks, threats and alleviate the suffering of the people.
May God protect Hadramaut and protect it from the evils of the soul and guide us to the right path.
This is Hadramaut, this is the mosque
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