Today our national team faces a tough confrontation against the Nepalese national team on their home soil

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Tonight, at (16:00 Yemen time and 7:00 PM Nepal time) at (Dasrat Stadium) in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, our first national football team will meet with the national team of Nepal in the first stage of the second round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, where Our national team is playing its 100th Asian match, and enters this match after a loss it received last week from the Bahrain team with two clean goals. technical staff tends to make up for the loss and win the result of the match to continue competing in the group and the qualification campaign. The match can be difficult for our team, especially because it faces a team playing at Home and among its fans. , but the players of our team have the determination and determination to achieve an honorable result for Yemeni football and strive to achieve a victory that will allow them to continue competing in the group.

Our national team trained this afternoon on the playing field with the participation of all players. During training after the warm-up, the technical staff focused on positioning exercises and also on set kicks and then recovery exercises.

The same evening, in the hall of the Crowne Plaza hotel in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, a media conference was held for the trainers of the Yemeni and Nepali teams, before the match of the team, which will take place tomorrow evening in (Dasrat Stadium), where the Czech coach Miro Slav Skop spoke, saying: Tomorrow we have an important match in the group after… We lost against the Bahrain team by two goals. He added: “Now we have the Nepal team ahead of us, and we watched their match with the Emirates team, and it was not easy for the Emirates.” He pointed out that the statistics show that the Nepali team has reached the Emirati goal more than once, and the readiness of his team is more clear compared to our team. It will definitely be ready for the match despite the long journey, but Our players are ready, and tonight we will do the final exercise, and we all aim to win to continue the competition in the group, and we have no problem. playing in the evening because we used to play with Bahrain at the same time, and the weather here in Nepal, near Abha, is beautiful, and the presence of the audience is important because the match is without an audience. Nothing and we will be; happy with their presence, explaining that in the end the best will win, and the situation in Yemen is better now, especially after the start of the league and we have players who play abroad, but in Asia it needs improvement and we have young players and we are building a team for the future.

The captain of the team, Abdul-Wasi Al-Matari, also spoke and said: As for us in the Yemeni team, we played with the Nepalese team before, and the last meeting between us was about four years ago and we won the result with two goals. For us, competition remains possible and we will work to correct it. The players of our team are determined to achieve a positive result, and our ambition is completely directed towards This trend will hopefully bring us victory.

The Italian coach of Nepal, Vins Nebso Alberto, spoke and explained the defeat of the Nepalese team by the Emirati team. He said that there is no comparison with the Emirati team, which has the best skills and abilities and is 80 percent more greater than the abilities. of the Nepali team. About me personally, I have no information about the Yemeni team, and of course we will play to achieve a positive result. And looking for victory, especially while we are playing on our land and among our fans.

Writer/ Fadl El Gouna
Photo: Sayen Al-Hindi

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