Two Yemeni goals in the second half turned the tables on the Nepali national team.

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Aden (Aden of Tomorrow) written by Muhammad Ali Al-Awlaki

* Two Yemeni goals in the second half turned the tables on the Nepali national team.

* The individual differences and skills of our team players made the difference in the end.

* No one bet on the Nepal national team except the rare ones, and the rare ones had no judgement.

* During most of the match, the Yemeni and Nepali players were similar in monotony and emotional performance, wrapped in tension enthusiasm.

* You can only place the skilled artist with the deadly left hand, Omar Al-Dahhi, in a position away from the rest of the players.

* Omar Al-Dahhi leaked from the right.. he bent, then bent, and from the eye of a needle he shot his delicate snake balls.

* Omar Al-Dahhi is the key to victory, which will restore to the team some of its psychological balance in the breathing period.

* The advantage of Omar Al-Dahhi is that he is bold in decisions.. His goal was an example of the quick, quick decision that killed the Nepal national team.

* Muhammad Al-Dahhi’s second goal was confirmation that the rebounds were in a wide area, giving the attack freedom of movement.

* Yamani’s victory at the right time can reduce the psychological tension that the players suffer.

* Players Abdel Majeed Sabara and Anis Al-Maari… have provided evidence that they deserve more trust, Scoop..

* Thanks to the left-handed player Omar Al-Dahhi, who imposed himself on the strange convictions of Miroslav Skup.. Thanks to this left-handed player, who drew a half-smile with his foot on the lips of a searching Yemeni audience. joy, even from the gate of the humble team, Nepal..!

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