Under the directives of President Alimi, the Prime Minister announces the launch of an official and popular campaign to give aid to the Palestinian people.

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Today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul Malik announced the launch of an official and popular campaign to give aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza, as an extension of the firm Yemeni positions in support of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.

This happened while the prime minister chaired, in the temporary capital, Aden, a joint meeting of the government and the private sector, to discuss Yemen’s contribution to alleviate the suffering of civilians and to do everything that would alleviate the tragic consequences suffered by the inhabitants from Gaza.

The meeting approved the formation of a joint commission of the government and the private sector to identify the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians, and deliver them in coordination and support to our brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to expanding support campaigns through the government, the private sector, and the Yemeni people in all the liberated governorates.

The prime minister emphasized that this campaign, under the leadership of His Excellency the President of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, comes from the full confidence of the Yemeni people in the Palestinian cause and in accordance with the efforts made . of the Presidential Leadership Council with brothers and friends to stop the escalation of acts of violence practiced by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people. Warning of the importance of the deterioration of the situation and reaching extremely dangerous situations that threaten regional stability and security.

Dr. Moeen Abdul Malik praised the quick reaction shown by the private sector by participating in the campaign to support the Palestinian people and help them in their difficult circumstances, he emphasized that the Yemeni people, at the official and popular levels, and despite the difficult conditions that they are going through as a result of the war waged by the terrorist Houthi militia, always stand, as always, next to the Palestinian people and support their just cause.

The Prime Minister reiterated his emphasis on taking the necessary steps to end the crimes of the Zionist occupation and the ongoing crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people, and to provide urgent and appropriate assistance to the besieged Palestinian people in resistant Gaza and the West Bank, leading to an end to the occupation and establishment of an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state.

The Minister of Local Administration, Hussein Al-Aghbari, the State Governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Engineer Anis Baharitha, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Mutee Damaj, the President of the Aden Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abu Bakr Baabid, and representatives of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and the private sector, participated in the meeting.

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