Why target the governor?!| Written by Omar Al-Har

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Sometimes we may need to open the wounds to the eyes of the sun and the truth, so that hearts are healed of their pain and consciences are healed of their poisonous sting for the taste of life and life.
It is noticed that there has been an unfair and furious electronic campaign against the Governor of Shabwa, His Excellency Sheikh Awad Ibn al-Wazir, since his departure from the governorate last week. Behind it stand sick hotspots that are originally affiliated with a well-known political movement that has weight and national history respected by all, away from tedious delving into the details and reasons of conflicting points of view. And its intersection with him on many issues, and the principled and firm agreement between mature politicians. that disagreement about it does not spoil the cordiality of the matter.
And if the saying “Every vessel and what is in it flows out” remains valid and can be used in all times and places, then it is no wonder that their electronic flies threw so much partisan malice at the governor at the same time. Although I am; doubting what they say, because of my knowledge of the strategy of their movement and its adherence to sensible party politics, and sober media, and he basically needed to open internal war fronts against him with others because he adopted the principle of reaching a point of balance with all, parties, and social figures, and his constant and continuous preservation of the hair of Muawiyah with them, which helped him to have a strong presence in the heart of the various scenes of events that Yemen witnessed. unionist era.
Traditional and modern media usually consume the phrase: Forces or feathers attached to a movement launched a broadcast attack against a specific personality, which requires putting a thousand mistakes on a calculated word that can be classified to escape any type of thing, but it remains. a black spot in the history and life of any party or group.belong to it.
The increase in the buzzing of their electronic flies came against the background of political revenge, and an attempt to take revenge on the governor of the county for the reasons of the military events that the county recently witnessed, and this is a great injustice for him. , and a clear slander of the immediate measures that the governor took to lower the curtain on it with lightning speed, and directly begin to deal with its effects and enter into a certified internal reconciliation with the symbols of war and its leaders, which falls. every excuse for them to launch their unjust electronic campaigns against the person of the governor who is known for his humanity that transcends wounds and heals them.
This is a testimony of history recorded here. You were the spearhead of the media opposing His Excellency my brother, the governor, in the last war of the enemy brothers in the county in defense of the position of legitimacy between the two positions. It is not appropriate for the opposing brothers to heal the wounds, and we are going in the direction of comprehensive national reconciliation, where there is no place for faith in the man known for his shaken history. Family and national, and is respected by all. .
The whole of Yemen will sink again if anyone thinks of opening the pages of their ancient political revenge, and its reckoning may be long and your movement will be at the forefront of the victims and perished. This is a vague and important explanation, and a clear reference is sufficient. It is noted that others have an open appetite to engage in battles with electronic flies. Will the unfortunate ally with the disillusioned to form an alliance?

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