With funding from Silah for Development, Qatrat for Development launches the distribution of agricultural inputs to beneficiaries

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Hadhram Car (Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

The Qatrat Foundation for Development has launched the distribution of agricultural inputs to beneficiaries of the agricultural land acquisition project in the Broum Mayfa District in Hadramaut, funded by the Silah Foundation for Development, within the Food Security and Livelihoods Improvement Program.

During the inauguration, Mr. Saeed Bamtrouh, Director of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Broome Mayfa District, gave a speech in which he spoke about the importance of the project for the local population and meeting their urgent needs in the field of agriculture. and food resources. He emphasized the readiness of the local authority in the district to provide all the necessary facilities for the success of this essential project.

Mr. Salem Baftaim, a specialist in development programs at Silah Foundation for Development, said, “This project reflects their interest in strengthening job opportunities and improving the living conditions of the local community.” He praised the dedication of the beneficiaries and the hard work to ensure. the success of the project and to maintain its sustainability, because this success constitutes a model that inspires the civil society organizations to support similar initiatives in the future.

The inauguration was attended by Mr. Ali Baamer, Director of the Agricultural Office in Broum Mayfa District, and Mr. Abdullah bin Faraj, Director of the Office of the Agricultural Cooperative Society in Broum Mayfa District.

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