Xiaomi publishes its financial report for the third quarter of 2023… and revenues reach $9.92 billion!

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considered as Xiaomi company technology a tray known With her group The wide of Devices e Consumerism And devices Smart.

And from while the focus on presentation products innovative And at prices reasonable, got Xiaomi popularity because Her phones smart, And devices household smart, And devices The midwife carry, And others of tools Technology.

And it is distinguished products Company At their prices Competitiveness And its quality, Ol does Technology in reachable audience Wider.

And it has Contributed commitment Xiaomi by providing Options the value On the contrary the money in Its success in different Markets around the world, And in time former oftoday, published Company Her report Financial For the fourth the third of general 2023.

And according to report, got up All in all Its revenues to 70.9 one billion yuan (9.92 one billion a dollar), And I achieved benefits clear Modified Her destiny 6 Billions yuan (840 a million a dollar), Ol to represent growth big on Base annual in the rate of 182.9%.

And it’s worth it By mention that company Xiaomi maybe reached margin All in all tall Historically in the rate of 22.7% And I collected go back In cash nopreceded capacity 127.6 one billion yuan (17.8 one billion a dollar).

maybe that He is comforted part big of success company Xiaomi to Invest it Continuous in innovation, Especially in area to search And development (R&D), Who to testify more in the rate of 22% on Base annual, All in all 5 Billions yuan (700 a million a dollar).

driving this Investment strategy the system environmental For a company Xiaomi, with the focus on System Xiaomi HyperOS. And it was done design System employment the new this, that It was completed Develop it on Orbit seven Years of a team Includes more of 5000 engineer, to deliver Billions Devices smoothly, Ol confirms commitment Xiaomi Building up System environmental comprehensive.

And he testified to share Telephones Smart in Xiaomi, no Sima a series Xiaomi 14, too growth In particular, where to reach margin All in all Norm in the rate of 16.6% And to sell more of a million loneliness when launch.

In addition to that I stood out company Xiaomi in section Internet The things And products consumerism, And I achieved heights Historical inRevenues i reached 20.7 one billion yuan (2.8 one billion a dollar) And margin All in all capacity 17.8%.

i became platform AIoT Private With them Connected now By number amazing informs 699 a million device Internet the things And it has Increased number Users Activists every month apply I Home in the rate of 16% to arrive to 84 A million.

And in market Telephones Smart global, i kept company Xiaomi on Centers All three The first During a period 13 A quarter successively. And it blossomed Their works commercial your Internet also, where It arrived Revenues Services Internet to 78,125 one billion yuan (10.9 $ an american) And margin All in all marked capacity 74.4%.

to side Technology and innovation, Get involved company Xiaomi too With practices girlfriend for the environment, With a purpose neutrality Carbon From general 2040 And use sources energy Renewable in the rate of 100%.

and on Upper Egypt social, I got company Xiaomi on Appreciation As one of better Arbab the work on level the world in magazine Forbes During a period three Years Consecutive, And it continues in presentation Contributions big in luxury the public And education of while Initiatives to like institution Xiaomi Public Welfare Foundation And a program Xiaomi For subsidies Scholarship.


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