Yemen participates in the children’s opera of the Arab world

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Tunisia ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

His Excellency the Ambassador of Yemen, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Tunisia, His Excellency Ambassador Abdel Nasser Bahabib, attended the performance of the Children of the Arab World Opera at the Municipal Theater yesterday in the capital, Tunis. He expressed his happiness to attend this show, through which young children send a message of peace, love and cooperation to the great Arab homeland, and create in children the spirit of belonging to Arabism.
He said in a short speech participating in the awarding of prizes to the best winning performances in this event, expressing his appreciation for all the activities participating in this event, especially the management and children of the kindergarten “Aman Kids”, who presented a beautiful. an artistic activity that expressed the authenticity of Yemen and the heritage of our great Yemeni people.
All those present observed a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, children, women and elderly of beloved Palestine, especially the pride and steadfastness of Gaza, and praised the heroic epics undertaken by all Palestinian factions, especially the martyr Izz al-Din. al-Qassam Brigades and the Jerusalem Brigades, and the great sacrifices they make to face the Zionist war machine, which is supported by Westerners. .
They also condemned all kinds of brutality, abuse and genocide committed by the brutal Zionist entity against the patient and steadfast Palestinian people who adhere to their right to establish their independent state with Holy Jerusalem as its capital.

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