Yemeni support for efforts to renew the truce and launch a comprehensive political process

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While Yemenis anticipate that regional, international and UN efforts will soon lead to a breakthrough in the wall of the crisis that has lasted nine years, the Presidential Leadership Council has announced its full support for Saudi Arabian efforts in this direction.

The announcement by the Yemeni Presidential Council of support for renewing the ceasefire and launching a comprehensive political process coincided with the issuance of presidential decisions that stipulated the appointment of a number of military commanders to senior positions, including the position of Commander of the Second Military Region . , headquartered in the city of Mukalla, the largest city in Hadramaut Governorate.

The official media reported that the Presidential Leadership Council held a meeting in Riyadh under the chairmanship of Rashad Al-Alimi, President of the Council, and in the presence of its members, Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, Abdul Rahman Al-Muharami, Dr. Abdullah. Al-Alimi, Othman Majli, and Faraj Al-Bahsani, while the members of the Council, Sultan Al-Arada and Tariq Saleh, were absent with an excuse. .

According to what was reported by the agency “Saba”, the meeting discussed developments in the local and regional situations, and in the vanguard the developments in the Saudi-Arab mediation of a ceasefire and the resumption of a comprehensive political process under the supervision of the United Nations. The meeting also discussed national economic indicators, price variables in the local currency and basic goods, and the possible effects of the brutal Israeli escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories on the security and stability of the region and international peace and security.

The Yemeni Governing Council, in its meeting, confirmed, according to government media, “its full support for Saudi efforts to renew the truce, alleviate the suffering of the people and launch a comprehensive political process that guarantees the restoration of state institutions, security. , stability, and development in the country.”

At a time when the financial crisis is increasing due to the cessation of oil exports due to Houthi attacks on export ports and the decrease of resources, the sources stated that the “Yemeni presidential” meeting approved some solutions to accelerate the matrix of economic. , financial and service reforms, and strengthen government measures to improve resources, and limit the lasting consequences of the attacks.Houthi terrorist attacks on oil facilities, and their threats to shipping and international trade lines.

The past weeks have witnessed a diplomatic movement to push forward the completion of a Yemeni agreement between the Presidential Council and the Houthis. This movement was accompanied by the return of the American envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, in a new tour to the region, in addition. to the meetings held by the UN envoy Hans Grundberg, and the meeting of the Presidential Leadership Council with the Minister of Defense. Saudi Arabia Prince Khalid bin Salman.

Military appointments

In the midst of the work of the Presidential Command Council to implement reforms at various levels, including the military aspect, Council President Rashad Al-Alimi issued a number of decisions, including the appointment of Brigadier General Talib Saeed Abdullah Bargash as Commander of the Second Military Region and its advertising. to the rank of Major General.

The decisions included the appointment of Major General Fayez Mansour Saeed Qahtan, the former commander of the region, as an advisor to the Minister of Defense. They also included the appointment of colonel Farouk Abdul Qawi, commander Saleh Nasser, like commander of the First Coastal. Defense Brigade, and his promotion to the rank of brigadier general.

The Yemeni presidential decisions appointed Colonel Saeed Abdullah Ahmed Yaslam Baqoud as Commander of the 2nd Coastal Defense Brigade and promoted him to the rank of Brigadier General, and appointed Lieutenant Colonel Saeed Faraj Saeed Muhammedan Badawi as Chief of Staff of the 2nd Coastal Defense and promoted him. him to the rank of colonel. Brigadier General Dr. Saleh bin Nasser Al Tamimi has been appointed Director of the Police College.

The Yemeni street hopes that Saudi, regional and international efforts will lead to convincing the Houthi group to abandon the option of violence and give priority to the interests of the Yemenis, leading to a renewal of the truce and the launch of a comprehensive path to peace that turns the a page on the ongoing war since the storming of Sanaa in late 2014.

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